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In many countries, where prostitution is legal, you can find people who practice sex tourism, one of the largest criminal industries in the world. Usually it happens that tourists practice this type of tourism, they return home and resume their normal lives without thinking that they have been with a partners ( or evenchildren!). Nearly 2 million children around the world are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Children suffer from health problems including illnesses, addictions, malnourishment, infections, injuries, and STDs.



Italy is one of the most advanced European countries that fights child sexual abuse and exploitation. In fact, several legislative measures have been created to protect the physical and psychological integrity of children.


1) sex tourism that is “promoted”. This is possible because in many countries prostitution is a legal activity ; 2) sex tourism in developing countries , where prostitution isn’t regulated by the law, but it’s controlled by an illegal system.



The prostitution and the subsequent sex industry are tolerated in many countries, it’s obvious that sex with a minor is illegal in every country from every point of view (moral, ethic) and it’s everywhere forbidden by law.





Amsterdam is the number one city for sex tourism in the Netherlands mostly because of  its famous red light district. The red light district is popular for every kind of tourist . Prostitution in Amsterdam is legal and regulated and that’s why here sex workers can practice in safer conditions.  


Prostitution is now legal in Spain and important cities like Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona aren’t anymore destinations exclusively for night clubbing because the sex tourism activity is increasing. Now Spain is one of the biggest destinations In Europe for this tourism industry.


Many Caribbean countries like the Dominican Republic  are seeing a rise in sex tourism.  Prostitution isn’t  illegal here even if sex with minors is, and unfortunately the majority of sex workers here are mainly minors.




Even if the majority of sex tourism destinations are located in Southeast Asia, Colombia is another popular destination. The reason why this country is so popular is that prices can be lower if the client is attractive or a good negotiator. 





Although Cambodia has very strict laws regarding prostitution the practice here is still extremely relevant, and that’s why Cambodia is a very popular destination for this type of tourism. One of the biggest problems that Cambodia has to deal with is child sex tourism. Due to very serious problems of  poverty, parents have to  sell their own children into sex slavery.  Even if it’s terrible many don’t have alternatives and are forced to do this. Most prostitutes come from the countryside which is very poor, many come from the surrounding countries like Vietnam. Here it is very easy to practice this kind of tourism because prostitution is very cheap, women value themselves five dollars or even less.


Poverty is the main reason that forces many people to work in the sex tourism industry and like lots of other countries this is a problem that is very strong in Kenya. Prostitution among the poor has brought the spread of HIV because it happens that in the majority of cases young prostitutes aren’t aware about contraceptive methods. Many young girls in Kenya only use a condom 60% of the time. Despite the spread of illnesses, the Kenyan Tourism Police is doing nothing to discourage it.


Prostitution is illegal and it’s often well punished in the Philippines. The main reason why prostitution and sex tourism are developed here is mostly because Filipinos are extremely tolerant of basically every kind of lifestyles. The majority of tourists only come here to practice sex tourism. We found an article,  written by Margaret Simons, where  she complains about children victims of sex tourism in the Philippines. We decided to focus on the beginning of it. The paper talks about Hadrian’s Extension, a particular area in Angeles City. This is the home of many  children with big dreams and hopes for their future. Due to this kind of tourism plenty of these children here have Australian fathers. At the beginning some of them actually paid to support the develop of their kids, but then they decided to stop and they cut off every connection they had with them. The saddest part is that some of them had never paid and some don’t even know that  they have a child there.


Although prostitution is illegal in Indonesia, sex tourism is very efficient and popular especially because it is very easy to find a prostitute through the Internet.


Bangkok’s red light district is one of the most famous in the world and this is one of the reasons why Thailand is on the top of the list of the most popular destinations of sex tourism. . The tolerance of different lifestyles and prostitution is part of Thai culture. A big part of sex workers here are minors and a large number of them are victims of human trafficking, that means that they are forced to be prostitutes; nevertheless  there are also people who are sex workers by choice.


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